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Food Truck/Tractor Trailer crash in TN Scatters Millions in Meat, Cheese and Eggs

A severe wreck on I-24 in Tennessee involving three tractor trailers and two cars left millions of dollars of eggs, meat and cheese all over the highway.

Witnesses to the crash described the crash, where one big rig flipped, and thousands of eggs spilled out all over I-24. Then, with all the vehicles stopped on the road, another tractor trailer slammed into a third that had pulled over to the side.

Police on the scene added that the first truck flipped when its axle snapped, and that spilt the eggs onto the road. The truck that slammed into the third tractor trailer contained dozens of pallets of cheese. And the third truck contained pallets of meat worth $3 million.

No motorists were seriously hurt, and the investigation is continuing.

We are glad that no one was seriously hurt in this wreck, but in our time as personal injury attorneys, we have seen many fatal tractor trailer accidents. The big reason that big rigs are dangerous is because they are much bigger and heavier than other vehicles. This makes them much more difficult to stop. As we see in the case above, at least one of the truck drivers probably was driving too fast for conditions, and could not slow down in time before slamming into other stopped vehicles.

Fortunately, no one died in this crash, but we have seen too many times in truck crash settlements where lives are lost. In one case, we won a $21 million settlement for a client whose two young girls suffered brain trauma when a tractor trailer rear ended them in Virginia Beach. Sometimes, trucks driven carelessly lead to terrible consequences, and we implore all big rig drivers to slow down.

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