The automobile giant Ford neglected to inform both consumers and regulators of a dangerous, lethal defect in its SUV’s gas pedals, according to an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency. 

The NHTSA’s investigation revealed that Ford had knowledge of their Escape line of SUV’s faulty accelerator pedal as far back as 2011, but violated federal law by not reporting the defect to the proper authorities. The dangerous gas pedal defect led to numerous injuries and one fatality. After the NHSTA’s investigation last year, the recall was enacted; however, the delay and lack of reporting led the federal regulatory agency to issue a fine of over $17 million, which Ford agreed to pay in order to avoid a drawn-out legal battle.

The massive penalty issued to Ford follows a similar fine given to Toyota last year; the NHSTA has also recently been instrumental in pressuring Chrysler to recall several million of its vehicles due to significant fire risks. Car manufacturers have a duty to both build a safe product and ensure that any subsequent dangers and defects are properly reported and promptly repaired; when they fail at this obligation, fines like the NHSTA’s are completely appropriate. 

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