In a startling confession of guilt, a former staff member of Goldsboro, North Carolina based Cherry Hospital patient neglect and abuse, Raleigh’s News and Observer stated that Billy Gerald Wynn Jr. has pleaded guilty to the charge of misdemeanor assault on a handicapped person.

Wynn,  who has been suffering medical problems, has been given only a suspended sentence of 75 days by a Wayne County Judge.  Although Wynn denied his guilt much longer than the punishment given, the victim, Dean G Smith, told the Observer that he was happy he finally admitted to the assault. I am sure that it is only his good nature that allows him to forgive the wrong doing. Many more patients may have suffered neglect that has gone un-noticed, unfortunately.
has admitted he played a role in the 2006 beating of a mental patient lodged there. In a case of mental

It should be noted that it was only recently that North Carolina State Government had committed to a “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to patient abuse, or neglect.  I have to wonder why has it taken the state so long to recognize these problems? Mental facilities as well as nursing homes need to be closely monitored. The patients need protection and this is a much needed step in the right direction.