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Former Town Councilman Injured in Accident in Halifax County, VA

Problems are mounting for a former Chatham, Virginia (VA), town councilman after he was injured in a crash involving a tractor-trailer that occurred one day after he was fined for filing a false police report.

Fred Turner, 70, was driving east on VA 57 when he crossed into the path of the oncoming truck and clipped the other vehicle's rear axles. The former councilman s now in the hospital in a serious but stable condition.

It's unclear who was the blame for the crash on October 5, 2011. The truck driver said the former councilman appeared to be asleep and drove into the side of his truck.

See this video about drowsy driving

In case where a truck is involved in a crash the driver or the driver's employer could be liable to pay damages.

Distracted driving and drowsiness always come to mind when I hear about an accident like this.  Though no one can yet be sure what caused the wreck, it is important to remember some startling statistics about drowsy driving. According to a recent poll by Sleep in America, a staggering 36 percent of drivers admit to nodding off or falling asleep while behind the wheel of a car. The experienced Virginia accident injury attorneys with our firm report on many cases of drives falling asleep at the wheel.

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