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Four Reasons Oil Truck Accidents Happen in Virginia

This month we discussed a new report about the dangers of oil company trucks – and how oil the oil industry’s lack of safety regulations is leading to high numbers of traffic accident fatalities and injuries across the country.

Let’s take a closer look at why oil trucks keep causing accidents in Virginia:
  • Fatigue. Oil field workers who drive trucks are exempt from many of the regulations that commercial truck drivers must follow. The result is that many oil company truck drivers have already finished a 14-hour day before getting behind the wheel. 
  • Drug use. Because oil workers have long, demanding jobs, many turn to illegal drugs like speed and meth to get their through their shifts and back home. This means that many oil company truck drivers are under the influence while on the road. 
  • Dangerous vehicles. A recent inspection of a fleet of oil field vehicles found that 40 percent were in such disrepair that they had to be taken off of the road immediately. Because of the quickly growing industry and the lack of inspections, many oil field vehicles are in dangerous conditions. 
  • Company corner-cutting. Some oil companies have been accused of teaching their workers how to lie about how long they have worked and whether they have rested. Others shrug off safety regulations knowing that they won’t likely be caught. Still others take advantage of the fact that their non-unionized workers don’t have much clout to demand changes.

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