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Four-Vehicle Crash in Chesapeake, VA Hospitalizes 4

A chain-reaction crash in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA), on the afternoon of March 4, 2016, sent four people to the hospital with injuries. The four-vehicle wreck occurred at the intersection of Churchland Boulevard and Town Point Road a little before 5 pm.



According to news reports, the traffic accident started when a car's driver attempted to turn left. A second car struck that vehicle, and the two cars spun into the path of two more. Details regarding which vehicles the injured people were in were not released. Nor is it clear what types of injuries the people suffered.

Learning such information could be interesting, but the real questions to answer following any car crash are "Why did it happen?" and "Who is liable for causing injuries and property damage?" Neither has an obvious answer following this wreck in Chesapeake.

The driver making the left turn may have experienced a medical emergency that either caused the person to enter the intersection without right of way or to stop partway through the turn, making the car an obstacle another driver could not avoid. Medical emergency or no, perhaps the driver of the second car was the one who failed to yield right of way. While the drivers of the third and fourth vehicles do not immediately appear to have any liability, their actions will also need to be reconstructed and analyzed in order to ensure they bear no blame.

Anyone involved in such a complicated traffic accident would be well advised to speak with an experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer. Without quality, knowledgeable legal representation, victims of other drivers' negligence can end up paying medical and repair bills themselves.


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