What Happened

A chain reaction wreck occurred in Henrico County on I-64 westbound that shut down the interstate for about an hour.

The accident occurred on February 22, 2013 near the Broad Street exit. Initial reports say that a Toyota Camry rear ended a Honda Accord; the impact pushed the Honda into two other vehicles, and caused the Toyota to catch fire. The driver of the Toyota and two occupants in the Honda were transported to a local hospital by ambulance with injuries.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

The cause of this accident is still unknown but in most accidents of this nature the cause is that of a distracted driver. Drivers who are distracted while driving can lead to the most devastating accidents. The number of accidents and deaths from distracted driving has increased every year. While distractions for drivers have increased, so has the attention to the problem. A leading cause is talking on or using cell phones while driving and has become a topic of much discussion. The problem of texting and driving has become so common Virginia (VA) has passed new legislation to make it a primary offense, allowing police to pull over guilty drivers. The reason distracted drivers can cause such horrific accidents is due to the fact that the driver does nothing to avoid the impact. With their eyes off the road, the driver will make no attempt to avoid or break and impact with the full momentum of their car into another vehicle. As experienced Virginia (VA) car accident attorneys, we know just how serious any distraction can be. In this type of accident I strongly recommend obtaining the services of a Virginia (VA) car accident injury lawyer. Multi-car accidents can become extremely complicated, especially if you have legitimate claims against multiple insurance companies. This is why it is important to choose a lawyer with a proven track record; our firm has successfully represented many victims allowing for millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.

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