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Fresno CA Trucking Firm Hit With $3.5 Million Verdict

A jury in California came back with a $3.5 million verdict against a Fresno trucking corporation, after it was found negligent in the death of its truck driver in New Mexico on I-40 in 2010.

The jury made its decision in favor of the family of the 43 year old truck driver who died in March 2010 on I-40, just west of the Texas border.

The verdict went against a husband and wife who are the operators of GMB Trucking in Fresno.  It was determined that a transmission leak caused a fire under the cab, and the owners were negligent in the death of their driver.

The attorney for the victim's family stated that one of the business owners exchanged trucks with the expired driver on March 23, 2010. About 120 miles out, the truck caught on fire and killed him.

The family of the deceased had a long battle for justice, because the trucking firm claimed that the driver started a fire in the cab. The police in New Mexico incorrectly concluded that the driver was using a stove in the cab. No stove or propane was found in the remains of the tractor trailer.

The attorney for the family hired experts that proved that the trucking company violated federal safety rules in the maintenance and inspection of the truck. Evidence showed that the defendants knew the truck had a transmission lead but did not fix it.

Our trucking accident injury law company in Virginia understands how devastating truck accidents can be. Sometimes the trucking company violates safety rules that kill innocent bystanders, and other times their negligence can take the life of their own driver.

Whatever the situation, the trucking company involved has a legal obligation to ensure that their tractor trailer is properly maintained and is inspected regularly and is fit for the road. Fortunately, in cases where the truck driver or company are negligent and cause loss of life, the legal system ensures that families receive fair compensation. 


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