Recently in Norfolk, Virginia (VA) a navy petty officer lost his life when his car went up in flames because of a fuel system defect. As a Virginia personal injury attorney I have seen an increase in the number of deaths that are a direct result of defective fuel systems in cars and trucks.

In fact many deaths have occurred during car accidents because of the fuel system defect and the raging inferno that it creates. If the fuel system had been working properly many of these poor people would have survived. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) there have been more than 400 deaths and over 1,500 injuries. These deadly car fires occur after a number of collisions including rear-end collisions that could happen right here in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, or Suffolk (VA). To learn more about how poorly designed and unsafe consumer goods cause injuries and deaths, check out this article.

This video is of a consumer whose truck had a faulty fuel line; he got away with his life, but not his possessions.

So how can you recover if your family has been injured from an improperly designed vehicle with a faulty fuel line? Well. cars are supposed to be designed so that if you’re in an accident they don’t erupt in flames. However if there is a faulty or defective fuel system this is exactly what happens. So if you are driving home with your family and your car erupts in flames such as in the case of the Navy Petty Officer then you potentially have a product liability case.