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Georgia Man Found Guilty for DUI Wreck That Killed His Bride

A man from Jasper, Georgia was found guilty of vehicular homicide this week for a DUI wreck that killed his wife on their wedding day.

Police determined that the man was driving drunk in late 2013 when he lost control of his car. His wife from Ball Ground, GA died when the sports car left the road and rolled down a hill.

The couple had just been married a few hours before, and they had just left their wedding reception.

The man was subsequently found guilty for another DUI incident six months later. He has been sentenced to 15 years in jail, with the first three months behind bars. The rest of his sentence will be on probation.

Our team of personal injury lawyers never defends drunk drivers: We sue them. We have zero tolerance for people who drink and then get behind the wheel and kill innocent people. Any client who contacts us in a DUI crash, we determine every possible source of insurance to ensure that the client receives as much financial compensation as possible, for medical bills, lost wages, injuries, pain and suffering and more.

We hope this tragic DUI wreck serves as a strong reminder for all drivers to stay sober behind the wheel.

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