Gloverville Man Charged After Wreck With Driving Too Fast For Conditions | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

The speed limit is exactly that: an upper limit, not a suggested speed. While drivers are allowed to drive at the speed limit in fair weather and good conditions, drivers are expected by law enforcement to slow down in wind, rain, ice, fog, and snow.

This was the case in Gloverville this Monday when 31-year-old Ben Hughes was charged with driving too fast for the conditions by South Carolina Highway Patrol. Hughes was driving down Pine Log Road in rain when he rear-ended the car in front of him driven by 89-year-old Wallace Bush. The car accident due to speeding in inclement weather stopped traffic on Pine Log Rd. for almost an hour, though no one was seriously injured in the crash.

Police say Wallace had applied his brakes when a car in front of him slowed down to turn left.