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Google Glass Still a Distraction for Drivers

The more technology improves, the safer things are supposed to be.  Unfortunately for drivers who try to use Google glass and other hands free devices while driving this is not the case.  Heads-up displays like Google Glass were supposed to make it safer for drivers to multitask. Instead of reaching for a phone to send or receive a text, a driver would be able to read projected messages and dictate replies without taking their hands off the wheel.  Now a new study confirms that drivers using Google glass are still distracted and slow to respond to incidents.  The study followed 40 twenty-something-year-old drivers in a car simulator reacted to a vehicle ahead of them that slammed on the breaks. Researchers found subjects who were exchanging messages using Google Glass or a smartphone were equally slow to respond to driving situations.

Using a hands free devices such as Google glass is just one of the many ways to be distracted while driving.  The most prevalent and dangerous way to be distracted while driving is texting on a cell phone.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the cold hard facts are that people who text and drive increase their chance of a crash by 23%.  Even with traffic laws banning texting while driving in Virginia (VA) many drivers still participate in this risky behavior.  This puts their lives and the lives of other innocent people in danger.

As Virginia car accident attorneys we are experienced at fighting for victims in court who were injured by a negligent driver.  Proving that the driver was distracted at the time of the crash is one issue that we pursue for our clients.  One way we do this is by using text message records that can be used in court to prove that the driver was using a cell phone at the time of the accident. Having the phone records as proof is strong evidence in plaintiff's favor.


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