Google Maps to Alert Drivers of Railroad Crossings to Reduce Injuries and Accidents

Recently the U.S. Federal Railroad Administration announced that Google will add audio and visual alerts to warn drivers about upcoming railroad crossings on Google's navigation system.  The agency also asked four other companies -- Apple, Garmin, Tom Tom and AOL's MapQuest -- to join similar map partnerships using the agency's data to pinpoint the crossings, it said. 

As Virginia (VA) railroad accident injury attorneys we know that railroad crossing accidents involving a train and a car or truck can have devastating consequences, especially for the driver and passenger(s) in the car.  Any new technology that can help alert drivers to the dangers of railroad crossings is a step in the right direction.  Thousands of people are killed or suffer very serious injuries every year in the U.S. because of these types of accidents. In fact, the Federal Railroad Administration estimates that cars and trains collide with each other every 12 minutes leading to a total of 9,570 train incidents/accidents annually.

Our attorneys have seen many causes of accidents at railroad crossings over the years and there are many causes of these incidents. Sometimes the train is poorly maintained, and in other cases, the train operator may be distracted or drowsy. Occasionally there are safety gate failures as well.  Our Virginia personal injury lawyers have represented both motorists and crew members for many years in railroad accidents, and we have an excellent understanding of how to investigate these types of personal injuries and wrongful deaths at railroad crossings.



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