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Government Pushes For Stricter Regulations on Drowsy Truck Drivers

As a Virginia truck accident attorney, I watch the developments in the trucking industry and the laws about truck drivers closely. Trucking companies would have you believe that it's alright for a big rig operator to drive 11 hours straight, then to take  only a short break and drive 11 more hours back to the original destination. However law makers don't and are passing stricter federal guidelines to cut the amount of time commercial drivers can spend behind the wheel. The hope is that there will be fewer accidents caused by fatigued or drowsy drivers.  

Falling asleep behind the wheel is not only dangerous to the driver but everyone else on the road as well. Combining a drowsy driver with a 10 ton truck is just asking for a fatal accident. So why don't these trucking companies want to see their drivers rest more and drive safer? The answer is easy; money. These companies want to squeeze every penny out of their trucks and drivers, but at what cost? Some of these trucking companies value profits over human life.

As a Virginia (VA) trucking attorney I have witnessed the aftermath and injuries that come from a truck accident. Just last spring a drowsy tractor-trailer driver rear ended a car and killed a Temple University student.

As experienced Virginia trucking lawyers we know that retaining a good truck injury lawyer and analyzing all evidence early on in the process can be the difference between a fair and just settlement and having your needs utterly discarded. But we would rather just see trucking companies adhere to the rules and not push drivers to drive fatigued than to have someone be killed or injured in one of these terrible trucking accidents.

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