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WV Governor Candidate Bob Henry Baber and Children Hurt in Truck Accident

No matter whether you're on I-64, I-95  or I-77, driving on interstates seems to be getting more harrowing. Politician and layman alike are forced to contend with a rash of tractor-trailer drivers eager to pass other vehicles at any cost. Recently, a candidate for West Virginia (WV) governor, Bob Henry Baber, and his two young children became the latest truck accident injury victims.

The accident happened in Morgantown, WV, on I-79. A tractor-trailer tried to pass the candidate's car, and as the truck cut back over, the rear end of the big rig clipped the car, sending it hurtling into the guardrail. As a father and 
Virginia (VA)-based car accident attorney, I can well imagine how traumatic the accident must have been. The worst part is that the truck driver didn't even bother to stop. Luckily, Baber had the foresight to get the truck's license number, and the driver was later arrested for failure to maintain control.

The candidate for governor and his children were fortunate to escape with only minor injuries, as trucking accidents are usually much more

Unfortunately, the wreck was not an isolated case. Recently, there have been several
West Virginia (WV) trucking accidents. It really blows my mind that a commercial driver whose livelihood is made driving a truck would be so careless and reckless. The latest data from the West Virginia Department of Transportation show that more than 3,200 tractor-trailer crashes occur in the state each year.

If you are hurt by a tractor-trailer, what's your next step? I wish I could tell you that it's going to be easy. But this is not the case when a trucking company is involved. Due to the many underinsurance and full insurance policies involved, tracking down the insurance sources or proper trucking company that may be responsible can be an overwhelming burden. But by all means do not give up. You have a right to recovery when you are hurt by an individual or company due to negligent or reckless behavior.

If you have been
injured in a truck accident, please take the time to read our free consumer guide, The Guide to Truck Crash Injuries: What to Do If Hurt in a Truck Wreck.

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