Grocery Store Customer Files Suit for Slip and Fall

A woman from Pineville, West Virginia has filed a lawsuit against a grocery store, alleging that their negligence led to her fall that incapacitated her.

The woman filed the lawsuit June 1 against Goodson’s Supermarket, Inc., related to the injuries she say she sustained in a 2013 fall in that store.

The lawsuit states that the woman was shopping in the store in Welch, WV when she fell on a rug near the front door. It also states that the defendant breached the duty of ordinary care by letting the rug to remain near the door where it posed a danger to customers. She is seeking compensation for loss of income, earning capacity and medical bills.

Slip and fall injuries can lead to very serious injuries. Falls are actually one of the leading accidents in the US that lead to injury. Falls account for at least one million injuries each year in the US. Slip and fall injuries can lead to torn knee ligaments, lower back injuries, broken bones and head injuries.

If you slip and fall in a business, the business can and should be held liable in some cases for your injuries. While some people are reluctant to file suit, the injuries from the fall could linger for years and affect your ability to enjoy life and earn a living.

Consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer for a slip and fall incident could lead to a substantial financial recovery. We were, for example, able to recover an $800,000 settlement for our client in one recent slip and fall case.

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