On Friday, February 1, a tractor-trailer in Augusta County flipped onto its side while traveling on Interstate 81 North, leaving the driver with minor injuries and interrupting morning commute traffic in the area. According to Virginia State Police, one of the factors in the crash was high winds in the area. 

The Virginia truck accident took place when the truck, which was pulling two trailers, was traveling north on I-81. A gust of wind caused the rear trailer to tip off balance, which in turn caused the trucker to fishtail and lose control of his vehicle. Both trailers, as well as the cab, overturned in the northbound lanes of the interstate. 

The Verona crash took place near mile marker 234 and affected traffic from exit 227 (Route 612) to exit 235 (Route 256). The truck accident caused delays and backups in the area during the morning commute as traffic was rerouted around I-81. The road partially reopened at 1:30 p.m. on Friday. One lane of I-81 remained closed after the accident was cleared as crews repaired a damaged guardrail that the truck struck when tipping over. 

The area was affected by a snow storm and high winds at the time of the accident, causing slick roads and windy conditions. 

Authorities did not charge the trucker with any traffic offenses in the wake of the accident and do not believe that reckless driving, speed, or driving under the influence were factors in the crash. No other vehicles were involved in the truck accident.