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People who suffer an amputation injury quite literally lose a part of themselves. Suddenly, the body in which they’ve lived their entire life is dramatically different, whether it is an arm, leg, or finger that they’ve lost.

As Virginia and Carolina personal injury attorneys we understand that the person suffering the amputated or severed finger, thumb, toe or body part needs help addressing the psychological and emotional issues that can almost overcome a person suffering from such an amputation injury.

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Many patients grieve the loss of their limbs, and some struggle with feelings of low self-worth. Others question their ability to be as active as they once were. Something as simple as going swimming at a public pool can be hard for amputees.

We help clients address these issues and develop their case by gathering evidence by interviewing physical and occupational therapists. Each client has different needs and we work with the doctors who treat them as well as retaining life care planners to determine their future medical needs. As Virginia personal injury attorneys we know that a lot of the work is spent not just in the courtroom but doing things such as creating video interviews and charts to show expenses and losses of our amputation clients.

So where have our clients experienced these life-changing amputation accidents? Unfortunately there are many places that our clients have suffered an injury such as an accident at a place of work, accidents in a railroad yard, and cases that have also involved paralyzing/paralysis injuries as well as quadriplegia or paraplegia, and our Virginia Beach-based lawyers handle cases in West Virginia (WV), North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC), Kentucky (KY) and beyond.

Although suffering from an amputation accident is painful and difficult your legal process doesn’t have to be. As experienced personal injury attorneys we will present your case in a way that maximizes your recovery in front of a jury.