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Increased Harley-Davidson Sales May Mean More Motorcycle Wrecks

According to the Wall Street Journal, Harley-Davidson’s earnings have more than doubled since 2006.The improved sales for motorcycles is likely due to the fun and fell economy of riding. Sadly, car drivers often do not pay enough attention to bikers and do stupid moves like taking a left and failing to yield to on-coming cyclists. Not only are motorcycles not seen and given proper respect by automobiles on the road, but also many accidents involving bikes result in life threatening injuries or even death.

Motorcycles are speedy vehicles with no protection. When compared to cars and trucks, motorcycles are much smaller, making them less visible to other drivers.These bikes only have two wheels, which makes them far less stable than a four-wheel car or truck. When accidents involving a motorcycle occur, the rate of injury and death is astronomical. Approximately 80 percent of motorcycle accidents result in injury or death.

If you were in a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of a car or truck and were injured, please contact our Virginia personal injury law firm; we may be able to help.  


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