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Head-On Collision in Ashland, VA Kills 1

A fatal two-car crash north of Richmond, Virginia (VA), just a few days before Christmas 2017 remains under investigation. The deadly head-on collision happened in the 10200 block of East Patrick Henry Road on the outskirts of Ashland at around 4:20 pm on December 21.



Local police responded to the scene near the intersection of what is officially Route 54 and Mt. Hermon Road, finding both drivers injured. A 54-year-old man from Doswell was taken to VCU Medical Center in critical condition, and he died from his injuries. The other driver was treated by EMTs without needing to go to a hospital.

Since crash investigators could not immediately determine which driver caused the head-on collision, both the surviving driver and the family of the man who lost his life could benefit from consulting with an experienced and caring Virginia personal injury lawyer and wrongful death attorney.

Consulting with a plaintiff’s attorney will help all the people affected by this wreck on East Patrick Henry Road in Ashland stay up to date on police findings. A lawyer will also be able to handle communications with insurance company representatives who may apply pressure to accept quick and insufficient settlements on claims.

This tragedy points to an ever-present danger throughout Virginia. Where the two cars collided, the two lanes of the rural highway are divided by a solid yellow line and a dashed yellow line. This type of pavement marking indicates that no passing is allowed and that the driver with the dashes to his or her left should stay as far right as possible.

Too many drivers ignore or misinterpret the dashed line as meaning that some passing with caution is permitted. That leads to often deadly wrecks from crossing the center line.

The other problem is that any type of negligence behind the wheel can set the stage for tragedy when only strips of paint separate lanes of oncoming traffic. Among the riskiest behaviors that result in driving left of center are becoming distracted, falling asleep while driving and driving aggressively, which can take the form of speeding, failing to signal a lane change or passing on the right.

As the investigation into the Ashland crash moves forward, my Virginia wrongful death law firm colleagues and I send our deepest condolences out to the friends and family of the deceased driver. We also ask all people on the road this holiday season to stay alert, obey the speed limit and exercise patience in no-passing zones.


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