A crash between a pickup truck and a small car in the town of Mt. Airy, North Carolina (NC), on September 13, 2014, combined three of the worst dangers for victims of traffic accidents. The hit-and-run head-on collision on East Pine Street left the driver of the passenger vehicle badly injured. State troopers were able to quickly catch and apprehend the man behind the wheel of the pickup.



The road where the wreck occurred, which is also called the Donna Fargo Highway and Route 103, is a two-lane rural highway. A photo of the crash scene published on the website of the Mt. Airy News shows a double yellow line broken by a gap to allow vehicles to turn off and onto a side street. The pavement markings indicate that no passing is allowed but also that drivers traveling in both directions must watch for entering and exiting vehicles.

It is unclear whether either driver was looking to turn, but reports indicate that the man in the pickup crossed the center line immediately before the collision. He then fled the scene. Police have filed charges, and a completed investigation may reveal that the at-fault driver was distracted, impaired by drugs or alcohol or just negligent in maintaining his own lane.

Regardless of why the crash happened, as a Carolina personal injury lawyer who has helped dozens of people hurt by others in traffic accidents, I know that head-on and hit-and-run collisions can be difficult to recover from. I hope that the injured man returns to health quickly.