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Head-On Collision Injures 3 in Suffolk, VA

A head-on collision on Boundary Drive in Suffolk, Virginia (VA), sent three people to the hospital with severe injuries. The crash occurred near Kings Fork High School on the afternoon of January 12, 2015. News reports identified the people hurt as an 18-year-old driver in one car, and the driver and passenger in the second vehicle. Police did not specify which person caused the wreck, but officials did disclose that the at-fault driver had received a citation for failing to obey highway markings.



The moving violation committed by the at-fault driver could have been crossing the center line, attempting a pass in an area where the pavement is marked with double yellow lines or proceeding past a point marked "Do Not Enter." Regardless, the result was a crash that left that negligent or reckless driver and two other individuals badly injured.

Head-on collisions are among the most deadly crashes, but also among the most avoidable. Every driver cannot completely control his or her car at all times, but staying within one's lane is possible in most instances. Drivers may simply have to slow down around curves and remain patient while stuck behind slower vehicles. Staying out of the driver's seat while excessively sleepy, impaired by drugs or alcohol, or suffering from an illnesses or physical problem that makes maintaining control of a vehicle difficult can also reduce the possibility of a head-on collision to zero. In short, acting cautiously and making responsible decisions can prevent one of the worst kinds of wrecks.


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