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Head-On Crash in Suffolk, Virginia Kills Both Drivers

A head-on collision between a pickup truck and an SUV in the rural southern part of Suffolk, Virginia (VA), left two people dead. The fatal crash occurred at around 6:30 am on April 28, 2015, in the 5000 block of Carolina Road, just north of the intersection with Deer Forest Road. Both drivers initially survived the wreck and became trapped in their vehicles. One man died shortly after being cut free, while the other man succumbed to his injuries after getting transported to a hospital.



Police could not immediately determine what caused the deadly crash, nor did investigators tell news outlets which driver appeared to be at fault. All that could be known in the wake of the head-on collision is that one or both of the people behind the wheels of the vehicles that collided crossed the center line of the narrow two-lane rural highway. My Virginia personal injury and wrongful death law firm colleagues and I know that drifting left or right of center sets the stage for tragedy.

Perhaps one of the men involved in this head-on collision allowed himself to get distracted by a smartphone. Maye one of the people fell asleep at the wheel. Considering the early hour at which the wreck occurred, one of the people could have remained impaired by too much alcohol or drug use from the night before. Whatever explanation is ultimately found, the result that two people were left dead by a collision that probably could have been avoided will remain unchanged, as will the lesson that all drivers must remain focused, alert and sober at all times.


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