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Head-On Wreck in Richmond Injures 5 Children, 1 Adult

Richmond Police reported last week that a two-car head on crash on Jahnke Road at Spruance Road led to five children and one adult suffering serious injuries. However, none of them appeared to be life threatening.

According to police, one car was driving west and veered into traffic on the eastbound side, slamming into another vehicle.

Witnesses reported that this intersection is a frequent accident focal point, with a fatal hit and run here a few weeks earlier. Some neighbors contend that the busy Richmond intersection needs a four way stop sign. It is unclear if the city will implement such a change, but traffic officials have stated that they may install a raised median here to slow traffic in the busy area of town.

Our personal injury law firm has seen its share of head-on crash cases in both Virginia and North Carolina in recent years. The majority of these accidents involve serious injuries or deaths, and often occur on a two-lane highway. As the above story indicates, this unfortunate accident occurred in an area without a median between the opposing lanes of traffic, which is very common in these types of incidents.

In our personal injury experience, head-on wrecks are caused by:

·         Driver distractions such as eating and driving; playing with the radio; and talking on a cell phone or texting.

·         Speeding, which often causes the driver to leave their lane and drift into oncoming traffic.

·         Driver fatigue

·         Overcorrection, which causes some drivers to jerk their car into oncoming traffic.

Fortunately, more states are using many measures to reduce the number of head-on wrecks, including medians and guardrails between opposing lanes of traffic. We support such measures, as these simple changes can really prevent many needless accidents and fatalities.


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