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Head-On Wreck on I-79 in WV Kills One

A man died in a head-on crash on I-79 near Morgantown, West Virginia on May 11. According to the state police, one vehicle was going south on I-79 when it crossed the median and slammed into a car going the other direction. The driver of that vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene.

The wreck is still under investigation.

While we do not yet know the exact cause of this tragic crash, our personal injury law firm sees many fatalities in these types of cases. High speed, wrong way and head on crashes usually lead to serious injury or death. Many of these accidents occur on rural highways with little to no median between the lanes, but they also occur on large interstates, too.

Most often, these types of crashes are caused by:

·         Driver distractions, such as eating behind the wheel, fiddling with the radio, or talking on a cell phone.

·         Speeding, which can cause the car to go out of the lane and go into oncoming traffic.

·         Driver inattention

·         Driver fatigue

·         Overcorrection, which can be due to jerking the car out of the way of something and overcorrecting into oncoming traffic.

Drivers can avoid most of these types of wrecks by paying closer attention to their driving and never driving when tired.

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