What Happened

In Henrico County, Virginia (VA) multiple Elko Middle School students were taken to the hospital after their school bus was involved in an accident that accident took place near the intersection of Nine Mile Road and Battery Street in eastern Henrico.

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The bus was on Nine Mile Road while an accident occurred behind it when a car was rear ended and forced into the back of the bus. Eight students were taken to VCU Medical Center and three to Memorial Regional Hospital. The conditions of the students have not yet been released.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

I could not imagine receiving a phone call informing me that my child has been hurt in a school bus accident. As a personal injury lawyer I know all too well the types of injuries sustained in rear end collisions. The most common injuries suffered in rear end collisions are soft tissue flexion/extension injuries which occur to the soft tissue of the spine, caused by extreme jolting of the body (whiplash). Herniation is also possible which occurs when the outer fiber surrounding a disk becomes torn. In serious cases, a patient may experience severe back pain, numbness, tingling, and, in some cases, paralysis. Knowing my child was not secured by a seat belt I would assume the worst of broken bones or even brain damage.

None of these types of injuries should be taken lightly in a child and the parents should strongly consider speaking to a Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer who is experienced in dealing with car accidents. The knowledge surrounding what types of injuries and the recovery process is essential to determining a possible claim. With an injury to a child it may not be just as straightforward as one surgery; their bodies are still growing and not fully developed, which can lead to additional surgeries down the road. Selecting the right attorney can make your case, while selecting the wrong one can doom it.

Potentially Helpful Info:

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