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High School Bicyclist Struck, Killed by Tractor-Trailer in Charlotte, NC

Riding your bike to school, as a child, was typically one's first taste of independence. With the freedom to roam to and from home and school, many students relish their morning and afternoon commutes. But those rides can turn deadly when road conditions change unexpectedly.

A Charlotte, North Carolina (NC), teenager was killed after being struck by a tractor-trailer. The accident occurred around 7 am the day students returned to school following Memorial Day weekend. The teenager was heading down Sharon Lane towards Myers Park High School when he came upon a trash can lid on the sidewalk and swerved. He caught his right handlebar on the side of the trashcan, lost his balance and fell into the street in front of a truck hauling foodstuffs.


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By all accounts, this young man was smart, kind, and had a bright future ahead of him. As Carolina wrongful death attorneys, we send our deepest sympathies to his family and friends during what we know is a most difficult time.


Police said the driver of the tractor-trailer will not be charged. Sometimes, collisions cannot be avoided. The only thing we can do is prepare ourselves for the worst and take steps to protect ourselves. Parents could take this tragedy as an opportunity to remind kids to always wear helmets when cycling and to stay off main roads as much as possible.



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