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Hit and Run Accident Injures Two People on Interstate 95

A tow truck driver and civilian were on the side of Interstate 95 (I-95) in Caroline, Virginia (VA) when they were suddenly hit by a car. Most people in this situation would stop their vehicle and check on the injured pedestrians. Unfortunately, that did not happen in this accident. The driver bolted the scene leaving the victims to fend for themselves.

Both victims suffered serious injuries. The tow truck driver suffered a torn Achilles tendon and broken ankle. The civilian suffered a compound fracture in their arm, according to NBC 12. Both of them will need surgery.

  "I kind of want to know who has the gall to leave a scene like that without stopping to see if we're okay or needed help," said one of the victims. We certainly sympathize. Trying to figure out who would be so callous and indifferent to life that they would flee the scene of an accident remains a mystery. There is no excuse for hitting a pedestrian and fleeing the scene. You're essentially leaving the victim for dead.

Sadly, hit and run accidents occur on a regular basis. In fact, nearly one in five pedestrians were killed in hit and run accidents across the country in 2003, according to deadlyroads.com.

This may sound like common sense, but it bears repeating - do not ever leave the scene of an accident. You may be nervous or scared, but if you leave you're only making the situation worse. Also keep in mind that most states have laws on the books that require drivers to stop if they hit a pedestrian. This means you don't have just a moral obligation, but a legal obligation to not drive off.  


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