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Hit and Run Accident Leads to Injuries of Clinton, NC Man

Carlos Zuniga Acosta of Clinton, North Carolina (NC) was injured after getting hit by a car on N.C. 403 near Old Warsaw Road. If getting hit by a car wasn't bad enough, the at-fault driver decided the bolt the scene and left Mr. Acosta to fend for himself on the road.

Fortunately, Mr. Acosta eventually received medical care and was taken to WakeMed Hospital in Raleigh, according to

Police identified the owner of the vehicle which was involved of the hit and run accident. Police are now trying to determine who was operating the vehicle.

It is illegal for a driver who hits someone and flees the scene. In NC, if the hit and run victim suffers an injury, the at-fault driver can be charged with a Class H felony. The penalty can include a large fine, points on your driver's license, and jail time.

If someone is seriously injured by a hit and run driver, they should not only file criminal charges, but should also file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. These types of cases can lead to a victim receiving compensation from punitive damages. This is separate form of compensation which is additional to compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.


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