Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Pedestrian in Surry County, VA | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A hit-and-run collision claimed the life of a pedestrian in Surry County, Virginia (VA), shortly before 6 am on December 20, 2015. The deadly crash occurred in the 1200 block of Burt Mill Road.



The at-fault driver reportedly never slowed after striking the pedestrian from behind. When police tracked down the car, the driver attempted to flee on foot. Charges will be filed, but details on what those criminal consequences will be were not released.

No explanation for why the rear-end pedestrian collision occurred was offered. The stretch of rural highway where the pedestrian was struck and fatally injured has almost no shoulders. It also lacks turn lanes, bike paths and sidewalks. Pedestrians walking alongside the road must rely on the attention and consideration of drivers to stay safe.

Perhaps the driver became distracted and failed to spot the walker in time to avoid running into them. Also, while the investigation continues, impairment by drugs, alcohol or lack of sleep cannot be ruled out.

Neither of those explanations would serve as excuses. All drivers must watch for pedestrians at all times. Failing to spot and react appropriately to pedestrians often results in inflicting serious injuries and needlessly taking lives. The driver who made some initial error in hitting the pedestrian in Surry County then made a tragic situation a crime by driving off and attempting to shirk all responsibility.

Fortunately, law enforcement officials apprehended the person, making it possible for family member of the deceased victim to hold the person accountable