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Hit-and-Run Driver Suspected of DUI Kills Moped Riders

Two moped riders were killed by a suspected drunk driver in Florence, South Carolina (SC). The fatal rear-end collision occurred just before 6 am on November 8, 2015, at the intersection of Oliver Road and Land Grant Drive.



The moped riders died from their injuries before emergency medical personnel could arrive, and the at-fault driver fled the scene. Police took a suspect into custody later the same morning and charged the alleged driver of the SUV with multiple counts of causing a death while driving under the influence.


This incident illustrates the tragedy of hit-and-run collisions and driving while impaired by alcohol. Alcohol impairs the ability to react when approaching other, slower-moving vehicles. Under the best conditions, spotting a moped is not always easy. Consuming alcohol can leave a driver incapable of focusing clearly.


By driving away after striking and severely injuring the moped riders, the hit-and-run motorist denied the victims potentially lifesaving aid. Beyond that, had investigators been unable to track down the person who they believe caused the fatal injuries, the state would have been unable to prosecute the driver for criminal charges, and the victims' families would have had no one to attempt to hold accountable for wrongful death. 


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