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Hit and Run Leaves Cullowhee, NC, Boy With Severe Head Injuries

An after-dinner bike ride mere feet from his family's apartment near Western Carolina University almost proved deadly for a 12-year-old boy in Jackson County, North Carolina (NC). The child became the victim of a hit-and-run collision on Old Cullowhee Road at around 7 pm on August 17, 2015. The at-fault driver of the pickup truck that struck the middle school student was believed to have been speeding in the seconds before the crash.



The force of the impact left the child with severe head injuries and possible traumatic brain injuries in addition to a broken collarbone and fractured ankle. He remained hospitalized throughout the following day while local Cullowhee police and state troopers called on members of the public to help them identify the driver who never stopped after hitting and nearly killing the boy. The suspect's vehicle is believed to be an older black Ford F-150 truck with major damage to one headlight. Anyone with information should call (828) 627-2851.

No one should ever get away with causing a crash, inflicting injuries and then driving off. Allowing the person who left a young child and family facing a possible lifetime of physical and mental complications from bodily wounds and TBI would represent a particularly grave injustice. Individuals who harm others must be held accountable. Finding hit-and-run drivers is possible, but assistance from alert and empathetic people is necessary. Investigations carried out as part of a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim can also yield essential information.

Receiving compensation from an at-fault driver can be especially important when a crash victim incurs a disability or brain damage. Such conditions often require lifetime care, and the expense of that should not be borne solely by the victim and his or her loved ones.


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