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Hit-and-Run on I-564 in Norfolk, VA Leaves Motorcycle Rider Dead

Police in Virginia have been searching for a vehicle identified by witnesses as a Chevy Cobalt since early September 8, 2012, when its driver allegedly ran into a motorcycle rider who later died from his injuries.

According to WAVY-TV 10, the accident in Norfolk occurred at around 2 am. The deceased man had fallen from his bike while attempting to exit from I-564/Admiral Taussig Boulevard onto VA 406/Terminal Boulevard. A friend riding alongside him stopped to help, and the car collided with the fallen motorcyclist. The car kept driving.

Anyone with information on the fatal hit-and-run collision has been urged to contact the Virginia State Police.


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The Virginia Wrongful Death Lawyers' Perspective

Motorcycle riders face many dangers, and this accident illustrates two of them. First, the deceased man crashed on an exit ramp, which highlights how important riding safely remains at all times. Second, many drivers of cars and trucks have a hard time seeing motorcyclists. Some drivers rarely even watch for bikers. This "invisibility" problem is doubled when a rider falls from his or her motorcycle.

Both points made, the at-fault driver never should have left the scene after striking the motorcyclist. No one ever has a valid excuse for fleeing an accident, especially when injuries occur. As personal injury and wrongful death attorneys based in Virginia Beach with more than 100 years of combined experience, we have heard few valid excuses from drivers who hit motorcycle riders. We've never heard an acceptable reason for why a hit-and-run driver ran.


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