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Homeless Man Due $1 Million for TBI But Won’t Go to Court

A homeless Vietnam veteran suffered a severe brain injury in 2010 when an air conditioner fell on him from an apartment window, and he has at least $1 million coming his way in a lawsuit. However, the homeless man does not want to come to court to collect the pay out that he is due.

A New York detective recently found the man living on the streets and tried to convince him to come to court, but to no avail so far.

This week, the attorney for the man is going to Manhattan Supreme Court on the homeless man’s behalf to try to convince the court to bring the man into court so that he can collect what he is due.

The homeless man filed a $21 million lawsuit against the landlord Zear LLC, who owns the property where the air conditioner toppled out of the window that led to the man’s traumatic brain injury five years ago.

The judge on the case has waited almost five years for the suit to proceed, but he warned that he soon is going to dismiss the case if the attorney on the case does not get the man to court.

As we have seen in our TBI personal injury cases, it is quite common for the victim to have their lives and personality altered by the injury. It appears that this has occurred in the above tragic case, given the fact that the victim will not go to court to proceed with the lawsuit.

This case shows that it is very important for anyone who suffers a TBI to consult right away with a brain injury attorney to determine the best legal path forward. These cases can be very complex, and in a recent case where a train crashed into our client’s store, we were able to win a $46 million settlement for the assistance he will need for the rest of his life.

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