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Chesterfield County, VA Homeowner Killed When Minivan Crashes Through House

An unusual crash in Chesterfield County, Virginia (VA), left one man dead and two people seeking hospital treatment for injuries. The fatal accident occurred near the intersection of Robious Road and Greenfield Drive on the night of February 26, 2015.



According to one of the survivors and other witnesses, the driver of a minivan suffered a medical emergency, lost control of the vehicle and went airborne after striking a frozen-over mound of snow. The vehicle crashed all the way through a house on Greenfield, and the home's owner died from either getting struck by the van or by falling debris. Both the driver and the van's passenger sustained injuries, with the passenger suspecting that her companion suffered a stroke while behind the wheel.

Cars, trucks and vans crash into buildings with surprising frequency. Only occasionally do people inside houses, stores or office blocks get hurt or killed, though, primarily because structures are designed to withstand all sorts of impacts. This accident, however, shows that no building provides guaranteed protection from an out-of-control vehicle.

While the at-fault driver may not face criminal charges for either failing to maintain control or for taking another person's life, he or she may still be liable for inflicting property damage and causing a wrongful death. Poor health rarely excuses a person from making compensation to accident victims. Driving while at risk for fainting or having a seizure can itself constitute a negligent or reckless act, meaning that insurance claims can be pursued even when a criminal prosecution does not proceed.


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