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Honda Settled Airbag Malfunction that Killed Henrico Mother

What Happened

Honda has settled with a Henrico family over the death of a woman who was killed instantly when her air bag exploded in her face after a minor traffic accident.

The accident occurred on Christmas Eve, when a mother and her three children were on their way home from shopping. They were driving down Farmington Drive in Henrico, Virginia (VA) when a mail truck suddenly pulled out in front of her car. The collision with the mail truck was only a minor fender bender but the airbag deployed and exploded into the woman’s face. After investigating the accident it was found that the airbag had deployed with too much pressure. In doing so it broke part of the steering wheel and shot metal pieces at the victim. The explosion caused a laceration on the left side of her neck down to her carotid artery, which was severed and caused her to bleed to death in front of her children.

The family sued Honda for the defective equipment that caused her death. The family and Honda came to a settlement of $3 million.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Auto manufacturers are forced to recall a vehicle when it has the potential to put drivers and passengers in danger. In 2012 there were more than 650 safety recalls, affecting over 17.8 million vehicles, child seats and vehicle equipment. Honda has recalled more than two million vehicles since 2008 because of faulty airbags; it is very shocking to hear that injuries from faulty/malfunctioning airbags are still occurring. Fighting back against unsafe products isn't just a right, it's a responsibility. Every product recall case that is fought and won helps take away the perception held by companies that it's acceptable to manufacture, advertise and sell inferior and even deadly products.

Personal injury and wrongful death litigation involving auto product defects are complicated and require an in depth understanding of the physical characteristics of a car accident. If an accident happens and a potential product defect is at fault, it is important to contact an experienced Virginia (VA) defective product attorney quickly. The preservation of the car or truck and early investigation may make the difference in your case. Our personal injury lawyers have decades of experience handling a wide range of personal injury and wrongful death cases, and have delivered millions of dollars in compensation to our clients.

Potentially Helpful Info

Defective and dangerous products come in all shapes and sizes, from cars to cribs. If you or a family member has been injured, sickened or killed by an unsafe product you can begin to learn about your legal rights and options by reading this free guide.

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