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VA Personal Injury Lawyers: Honda Investigated Over Faulty Brakes

Best defective product attorney in VASafety regulators in the United States are investigating the possibility that some of Honda’s vans have a defective braking system. The investigation concerns almost 350,000 vans manufactured in 2007 and 2008.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reported twenty-two complaints from car owners that some of Honda’s van’s are braking involuntarily; drivers have claimed, for instance, that the vans will brake when they are accelerating, a serious hazard for motorists on the road, as the braking may cut speeds by up to 30 MPH; such a decrease in speed could result in a devastating accident on the road, particularly on the highway.

The investigatory agents are ascertaining whether or not the problem is endemic enough to enact a recall. There are reports that the steering angle sensor in the vehicles may be malfunctioning, which could cause the unwanted braking to occur. The investigation comes on the heels of a worldwide vehicle recall that Honda enacted several months earlier of roughly 250,000 vehicles that were experiencing a similar problem with the electronic stability control system, which activates the brakes if it senses that a vehicle is out of control.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident because of a damaged or defective automobile, you should consider speaking to an injury attorney. Our law firm has years of experience dealing with defective products that have caused people injury, we know the damages they can cause, and we work for you to ensure that you’ve given the legal compensation to which you are entitled if a company negligence results in your injury. Our law firm recently argued for a client who was injured due to a poorly-designed ski boat model; the client had suffered nerve injury after his foot became lodged in a crack in the boat, and the company that manufactured the boat agreed to settle due to the client’s injuries. Companies have a responsibility to manufacture safe products, and when their negligence results in injury, they have a responsibility to pay.  

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