How is a Car Accident Case for a Sailor in the Navy Different From Other Injury Cases in Norfolk, Virginia (VA)? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

There are quite a few differences in the way the medical records and cost of medical care are dealt with in an insurance claim arising out of a car or truck collision when the person injured is in the Navy or other branch of the Armed Services.  Our law firm’s slogan has long been “All we do is injury law” which when you are a law firm in Norfolk/Virginia Beach means representing lots of people in the military.  Unless you regularly deal with the Naval Legal Services Office to get statements of value to use as part of the damages in automobile accident cases, you might find the maze of U.S. government rules and regulations maddening.  Our lawyers have developed the experience to know exactly where to get the necessary information to successfully pursue cases for soldiers and sailors in our area.  Please check out a recent article I wrote on our Virginia Beach InjuryBoard website about this subject.