One of the places where drivers should be at their most vigilant and focused is in school zones. As any driver can attest, driving through school zones, especially during the morning drop-off and afternoon pickup, can be hectic. Between school buses, parent vehicles, and children who are walking, it is easy to see why it is critical for any driver traveling through a school zone to be aware of everything going on around them.

Unfortunately, it appears that distracted driving crashes are on the rise in these areas, putting millions of children at risk every single day. In fact, one recent study found that one in three drivers is engaged in some type of distracted driving behavior as they drive their vehicle through school zones.

School Zone Study

The study was conducted by a California tech company which develops tools for capturing and analyzing driving behaviors. For the study, the company examined 75,000 schools across the country to see how drivers behaved as they drove past the schools. According to the results, just under 90 percent of drivers were using their phones as they drove through school zones.

Researchers also found that at least one-third of drivers were engaged in some type of unsafe behavior – including texting – while dropping off or picking up their children. The afternoon pickup – defined as the hours between 2 to 5 p.m. – were 40 percent more dangerous for children than the morning drop-off – defined as the hours between 7 to 10 a.m.

The study also determined which were the most dangerous school zones and which were the safest school zones in the country.

Three of the top five dangerous school zones in the country were in Texas, and the other two in California and New York. The safest school zone is located right here in North Carolina at the Victory Christian School in Jackson County.

And out of the 2,222 counties included in the study, Jackson County was found to be the fifth safest overall.

Distracted Driving Dangers

 A driver who is using their phone while they are behind the wheel of a vehicle increases their risk of being involved in a crash by 20 times. Glancing at a phone for just a few seconds to read that text message is all it takes to not see that child, who is afraid they are going to be late for school, dart across the street in front of a vehicle.

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