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How Safe Is Your Hospital?

A major study has confirmed what many of us feared – the risk of dying after being admitted into a hospital or developing medical complications significantly decreases or increases based on the geographical location of the facility and where it falls on the spectrum of excellent to poorly run hospitals.


The study was conducted by a dozen researchers from medical organizations around the country. The team examined 22 million hospital admissions that were gathered from 16 independent data sources, including both private and federal insurance. The data was used to analyze 24 different inpatient mortality, inpatient safety, and prevention outcomes. Adjustments were made for factors such as how sick the patient was, their age and income, as well as adjustments such as the hospital service area, the county it was in, populations factors, and health system factors.

And the results were staggering. The study found that patients who were admitted to the worst hospitals in the country were three times more likely to die than those who were patients at better-rated hospitals. And the risk for developing medical complications was even higher – patients were13 times more likely to struggle with a medical complication depending on what hospital they were at.

None of the hospitals that were included in the study were identified by the researchers as a stipulation of the hospitals handing over their data to the study team.

Facing the prospect of being admitted to the hospital for a medical procedure or illness is stressful, and often frightening. Studies and reports like this one add to that stress. It is unbelievable that we should have to worry about the rating of the medical facility we are going to has; worry about how many medical errors occur on an annual basis; worry if the facility is following all federal guidelines.    

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