How to Share Virginia Roads with Trucks Carrying Oversized Loads | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Although state and federal laws prevent extremely large or wide trucks from driving on our roads, special oversized-load permits allow some very long, tall, heavy, and wide vehicles to cross the country on our interstates and highways. While these oversized loads must follow specific routes and regulations, they can still present a safety concern to other drivers on the road.

How can you safely share the road with a wide load or oversized load? Here are just a few accident prevention tips:

  • Pass with extreme care. There’s a reason for all of those flags, banners, and blinking lights: oversized loads take up more than their share of the lane and make passing more hazardous than usual. When you do pass, be sure not to speed, and be aware of the truck’s large blind spots.
  • Look for the pilot car. Many oversized loads have pilot cars behind them and in front of them in order to make sure the truck navigates the road safely. If you see a pilot car, know that an oversized load is close by.
  • Don’t “rubber neck” the load. Oversized loads and wide loads are almost always carrying something interesting, from an enormous windmill blade, to a military tank, to an entire house. While you might want to gawk, make sure you keep your eyes on the road in order to prevent accidents.

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