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How to Spot a Dangerous Driver

The majority of car accidents that happen today are caused by an impaired driver – either one who is fatigued or one under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Tragically, in the case of drunk and drugged driving crashes, these accidents are always preventable by the drivers who cause them because of their decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle when they were not in any condition to. They not only put themselves at risk but everyone on the roads around them. Fatigued drivers often do not realize the danger they impose, many of them suffering from undiagnosed sleep disorders or excessive work schedule.

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Signs of an Impaired Driver

Because this dangerous issue has become so prevalent, it is critical that we as drivers learn how to spot a possible impaired driver in order to help avoid our risk of being injured in a crash. By watching for certain driving behaviors, you just may be able to avoid a crash and save your life.

One of the most telling signs that something may be wrong with a driver is if they lane drift. This is when a vehicle drifts from one lane to another and appears incapable of staying on a straight course in the lane they are supposed to be in. Many times, the driver will suddenly swerve as they realize they are drifting, indicating a delayed reaction on their ability to mentally process. Or a sharp burst of another vehicle’s horn grabs their attention. Similar to lane drifting is the driver continually hitting the rumble strips which may be placed either on the shoulder of the road or in the centerline.

Another strong indicator of an impaired driver is when they appear to have difficulty maintaining the correct speed, either driving well below the posted speed limit or well above it. Often an impaired driver will alternate from driving too slow to driving too fast, which could signal a dangerous confusion on the driver’s part.

If you do encounter a driver exhibiting these behaviors, keep a far distance from them. When you are safely able to, pull off the side of the road and report the incident to law enforcement, supply as many details about the vehicle and driver that you can. By doing so, you have not only saved your life, but lives of many other potential victims.

Have You Been the Victim of an Impaired Driver?

Unfortunately, we are not always able to spot danger until it is too late. If you have sustained injuries in an accident caused by an impaired driver, contact a skilled North Carolina car accident attorney to find out what legal recourse you may have. Our Carolinas personal injury firm has successfully represented many accident victims in obtaining the financial compensation they deserved for their pain and loss.

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