HRT Bus Crash in Virginia Beach Injures 4 Passengers

Four people aboard an HRT commuter bus suffered injuries that required hospital treatment when the bus crashed into a light pole on Laskin Road in Virginia Beach, VA. The wreck occurred shortly before 7 pm on July 2, 2015.


According to the Virginian-Pilot, the bus driver left the roadway and ran onto a median when swerving to avoid hitting a car at the exit of the feeder lane near Nevan Drive and Hilltop East. Heavy rains around of the time of the wreck may also have played a role by limiting visibility and making controlling the bus more difficult.

News reports do not mention whether police were considering filing charges against either the bus operator or the person behind the wheel of the car that may have cut off the bus. Determining which driver bears responsibility for causing the crash matters greatly for the injured commuters. If the bus driver is found liable, his or her employer, Hampton Roads Transit, will have the obligation for settling insurance claims for medical care, disability and lost income. Conversely, the insurance company that issued the policy for the car's driver may have that legal duty.

Neither scenario may be great for the people hurt in this bus crash. As a government-chartered agency, HRT enjoys broad immunity from many types of liability. Private insurers, on the other hand, use numerous tactics to delay and reduce payouts to even the most deserving injury victims. Because of this, the injured passengers should consider working with an experienced Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer while seeking damages and compensation.


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