A Virginia man was struck and killed by a pickup truck in a church parking lot after the driver says his foot became caught on the accelerator.

According to Virginia State Police, 76-year-old Paul Linwood Mitchell, of Lynch Station, was trimming the shrubbery in the yard of Mentow Baptist Church on Saturday morning when 69-year-old Henry Woodford, of Huddleston, was backing out of a parking space at the church. Woodford told authorities that his foot became stuck on the acceleration pedal of the vehicle and he lost control of the car, backing over Mitchell. The man died at the scene of the accident. Both men were members of the church, which is located on Virginia Highway 43.

Officials are investigating the fatal Virginia parking lot accident, especially in regards to the accelerator, though police do not believe that any charges will be filed.

Unintentional acceleration is more common than you might think – and it can have several causes and serious consequences. Some unintentional acceleration accidents are caused by a mechanical issue or defective car part, while others are caused by human error – but all unintentional acceleration incidents can result in serious traffic accidents, injuries, and even fatalities.

If you have been involved in an unintentional acceleration accident in Virginia or West Virginia, it is vital that you understand how and why the accident occurred. Schedule a meeting with a Virginia personal injury attorney today to learn more about your case.