A four-vehicle crash in a work zone on I-66 killed a 5-year-old girl and sent her mother and father to the hospital with serious injuries. The victims’ car was hit from behind just east of Haymarket, Virginia (VA), on the morning of August 15, 2016.



According to news reports, the driver of a pickup truck caused the deadly chain-reaction crash. He reportedly failed to brake in time as vehicles ahead of him slowed to move through an area of road work. The initial rear-end collision pushed the car containing the deceased child and her parents into a car ahead of them. That third car subsequently hit a fourth vehicle.

The young girl died at the scene despite being secured in a safety seat. Her parents are expected to survive, but the nature of their injuries were not disclosed. The drivers of the third and fourth vehicles sustained minor injuries and received medical treatment without going to hospitals.

Virginia State Police filed a preliminary charge of reckless driving against the man in the pickup truck. The investigation into the fatal accident continued into the following day. If authorities find that the pickup driver was distracted, drunk or speeding, other charges may be issued. The man may also be charged with causing a death and inflicting injuries.

This tragedy highlights the importance of every driver remaining alert and slowing down when entering a highway work zone. Any delayed reaction creates deadly dangers.