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I-84 Crash Victim’s Truck Crushed Between Two Big Rigs

A massive pile up of big rigs and cars on I-84 in Oregon on black ice last Saturday left at least one man shocked that he is still alive. That man was driving a Chevy Silverado and it was literally pancakes between two tractor trailers.

At least 100 people were involved in the huge pile up on I-84, 33 miles east of Baker City, OR. Three separate wrecks involved 20 vehicles and a dozen tractor trailers, many of which jack knifed on the slick roadway.

According to media reports, the driver of the Silverado stated that he was going uphill on a curve in the road, and he decided to pass the truck in front of him. But he decided the fog was too thick so he slowed down.

He went around the curve and started to go down the hill but the truck from earlier had jackknifed in front of him. He swerved right but slammed into the back of the trailer. It flipped his truck around and it stalled. So he had his passenger side facing oncoming traffic. That’s when he saw another tractor trailer bearing down on him.

The truck slammed into him and it knocked the man out. When he came to, his truck was completely crushed between the two trucks, yet incredibly, he had almost no injuries. All he needed at the hospital was a Band-Aid for a cut finger and some ice for a black eye.

We are so relieved that this man was not seriously hurt in this wreck. As we have seen in our truck crash personal injury cases, ice and snow and big rigs do not mix. Black ice can be especially dangerous for big rigs, as one part of the vehicle can slip and the other half does not. This can lead to a jackknife, which can be absolutely deadly for oncoming car drivers. Fortunately, this case did not result in serious injuries or death.

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