Interstate 77 (I-77), near the North Carolina border, is a treacherous stretch of highway with a tendency to be covered in dense fog. From 2006 to 2008, nearly 150 crashes occurred in the southbound lanes and 127 crashes in the northbound lanes of I-77 from the North Carolina line to mile marker 14, according to the Virginian-Pilot. Unfortunately, the recent wreck that took place on I-77 will add dramatically to that overall total.

A chain reaction crash involving 75 vehicles, half of which were trucks, occurred on I-77 resulting in 16 people suffering serious injuries and, worst of all, two lives lost. Four of the injured individuals remain in critical condition.

This is one of the worst wrecks to occur on a Virginia (VA) highway and illustrates the dangers of driving on a stretch of road with poor visibility.

Teresa McGardy, an assistant manager at the Kangaroo Express gas station in Fancy Gap, said she couldn’t see 30 feet through the afternoon fog, according to the Pilot article. “People can’t see [the gas station] to get off the interstate.”

When you drive on a foggy road like I-77, exercise extreme caution and travel below the speed limit. Make sure your lights are on and you keep a safe distance from the car, truck, or SUV in front of you.

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