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IL Supreme Court Upholds $2.3 Million Brain Injury Award

The Supreme Court in Illinois has upheld a 2011 verdict of $2.3 million against the Imo’s pizza company and the specific franchise in Bethalto IL after one of its delivery drivers slammed into a car head on and caused a traumatic brain injury to the driver of the other car.

The supreme court in IL denied the appeal by the company, stating that the lower courts decision was appropriate. The upper court found that Imo’s company policies encouraged delivery drivers to drive too fast. They were provided only minimum wage, and had to deliver a high number of pizzas to make decent money in tips. The firm also set a wide area of service that meant that drivers had to drive longer distances quickly.

The court also found that there was no bonus program for safe driving.

The driver of the other car was smashed in the head with a vacuum cleaner in a box, and it caused a brain injury. He no longer can work in his sales job.

After many years as traumatic brain injury personal injury lawyers, we know how complex this type of litigation can be. The attorneys for the victim need to be able to show that the company clearly was at fault. They also need to be able to prove that the injured person will have large medical bills in the future. In our settlements, we often bring in medical professionals, life care planners, and sometimes economists and educational professionals to help us win the maximum settlement.

We hope this injured man is able to recover after receiving the financial justice he deserves.


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