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Illegal Contact Lenses Can CauseEye Injuries, Blindness

As a parent as well as a Virginia personal injury attorney with teenage children, I know there is a lot to worry about. As parents we worry about them being in a car crash, we worry about them taking recreational drugs like spice or bath salts, and now we have to worry about contact lenses. Yes, I said contacts.

That's because in Virginia Beach, VA, have been found illegally selling children contact lenses without a prescription, in unmarked vials and with no instructions. The contacts are brightly covered and offer designs such as those worn by pop stars which is attracting teen buyers.

Dr. David Tang, an optometrist with Beach Eye Care, said the scary look can be down right frightening for your eyes.           

"Corneal ulcers, which if not treated early enough, can lead to internal infections. We also see corneal scarring which can lead to permanent vision loss and possibly blindness, corneal swelling or what we call edema which is depriving the cornea of oxygen and corneal abrasions which are small cuts," said Tang.

Illegal contacts sold at local stores:

The federal Food and Drug Administration states contact lenses are medical devices and under Virginia code, only a licensed practitioner can sell them. The Virginia Department of Health Professions investigates consumer complaints and turns the information over to the local Commonwealth's Attorney. The violation is a class I misdemeanor.

As a personal injury attorney it is just amazing to me that a retail store would sell a product to minors that could potentially blind them. Obliviously the profits outweighed the safety concern for this store. Our law firm represents clients who've been severely injured during medical procedures, and I highly recommend you consult a lawyer if you or a child has suffered from an eye injury or complication from contact lenses.


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