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Illegal Passing Leads to Fatal Head-On in Beech Island, SC

A fatal car accident in Beech Island, South Carolina (SC), that also left five people seriously injured serves as a reminder that all people need to heed the no-passing signal sent by double yellow lines separating lane of oncoming traffic. The deadly head-on collision occurred on Wilson Road near the interchange with Highway 278 on September 20, 2014.



The injured individuals, two adults and three children, were in an SUV whose driver crossed over into the wrong lane of the two-lane road. Police believe the driver was attempting to move around a slower vehicle. No charges were immediately filed, but if the investigation bears out the law enforcement officials' supposition, the SUV driver could face major legal consequences.

Beyond tickets and criminal charges, however, finding the person behind the wheel of the SUV responsible for the wreck would make him or her liable for taking another individual's life. My Carolina wrongful death attorney colleagues and I know how serious a consequence that is. Having helped dozens of family members who suddenly and tragically lost loved ones due to others' negligence and recklessness, we understand that holding at-fault drivers accountable can help grieving spouses, relatives and friends heal.

One of the worst things about the Beech Island crash is that it appears to have to been easily avoidable. Had the one driver exercised more patience or simply obeyed traffic laws, no crash would have occurred. Recognizing that others share the road and must be protected by being cautious and respectful keeps everyone healthy and alive.


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